Our method:

  • Mutlilingual trainers with a solid background in Applied Communication and Coaching
  • Practice-oriented training with specific examples and role playing
  • Maximum attention to all participants by having them work in small groups
  • On-the-spot applicability
  • Coaching-on-the-job and checking training results in day-to-day practice

Our team

Our courses have been specifically designed based on the practice and personal experience of our team members in a range of functions.
Starting from a theoretical framework, we are constantly seeking to apply methods derived from everyday life.

Ludovic Steurs

Active in all European countries, Ludovic articulates his action on a central goal, i.e. to help CEOs, managers and teams improve their effectiveness within the company. His tools for this are called self-discovery, search for authenticity, adaptability and linking people, all unmistakable prerequisites for any evolution opportunity.

His expertise and passion for Psychological Typology rest on a unique experience leveraged by an outstanding academic background. Based on the Marston approach, NLP understood as tool and not as a dogma, Sales 2.0, etc. his action rests on solid common sense and a unique ability to ask the right questions and involve you in finding the right answers.

His method consists in focusing his thinking on the customer by carefully and actively listening to his/her problems. New opportunities will unfold. His “out of the box” workshops always translate into concrete action plans.

Véronique Vanhaelen

General Manager in a software company for more than 20 years, she combines competence, assertiveness, creativity and entousiasm. She addresses management situations with an entrepreneurial mind, resolutely, but showing empathy and respect to all stakeholders. She is a dynamic, articulate, keen and positive solution seeker.

Main activities : mentoring, strategy/objectives definition inside Management Boards & communication to the teams, ICT implementation (CRM, ERP,…), DISC© Certified Trainer, Change Management.


Dirk Willems

Consultant/Trainer Sales & Marketing, product management, clients strategy. A clear view and a powerful analytic mind. His goal : amplify the impact of commercial teams. Coaching of Sales Managers. Implementation & roll out of software in the field.             Dirk’s slogan : “Begin with the end in mind” (S. Covey).

Dick Vanhoegaerden

Expert in Communication, Change Management, Customer focused sales.

“Don’t loose yourself in nonversation, find each other in conversation.”

Eric Hermans

As a coach and trainer, Eric focuses on various aspects of (self-)leadership.He is involved in personal development for managers, which provides them with tools to subsequently contribute to the development of their staff, business and relatives. “My strong points : authenticity, honesty, congruence and confidence.”