A new division, more topics :

Management Consulting:

  • Optimization of workflows (process)
  • Identification/communication of values
  • Goals clarification, inside your teams
  • Development of steering tools
  • Change Management
  • Knowledge Management

  • Training |
  • Communication |
  • Consulting |
  • Sales |
  • Management |
  • Coaching |
  • Business process

Launching a new project is the right decision.

Designing, organising, communicating, step-by-step monitoring … and conducting periodic assessments are the keys for its success. You can put this into practice with our input.

A few questions we offer for your consideration: Forget about marketing-speak and think : what are the strong points, management-wise, that will push YOUR company forward ?

List the aims of your company : are you seeking  to increase your turnover, your profit …? Does your internal organisation fit with these objectives ? Do some brainstorming. Meet as a Board and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your firm, its opportunities and the human resources available to bring them into facts (do we have the right people for tomorrow ?). Be bold and think in terms of change!

  • Are all our staff aware of our business objectives ? Strategy , business development
  • Are our internal processes optimised based on reality in the field ? Business process management
  • Are our teams ready for tomorrow ? Assessment, skill management
  • Has the time come to develop the potential of some of our key employees ? Assertiveness, leadership
  • Are the right tools available to consider setting up this new department/branch ? Acquiring a competitor ? Concluding a merger ? Team management, teamworking
  • Do we have simple and straightforward strategic management tools for easier decision-making ? Business intelligence
  • Are the right measures in place to safeguard and protect our know-how ? Knowledge management

Twominutes-Breakthrough operates at all levels of your organization

Strategy pyramid business diagram

Also active in Strategic Marketing :

  • Communication (internal, external) : communication with stakeholders, “living” intranet, news, sponsorship of new staff (onboarding)
  • Satisfaction surveys (internal, customers)
  • Operational coaching of projects : operational & IT aspects
  • More than “trendy concepts” : practical ideas respecting your budget & planning.