The story of the water cans


Rusty sprinkler


Four different scenarios, one story:

  1. After a seminar of several days, I decided on returning home, to offer a gift to my wife. Tradition has it that a man who has been absent for several days spoils his wife in gratitude for her patience. I am wracking my head that I could offer her.  What could make her happy on this beautiful summer day? What are the shops on my way? How to find quickly and efficiently the perfect gift? A florist on the Avenue de Tervuren (Brussels) gives me the solution. I stop and rush into the store. My wife loves flowers and greenery, and here I probably would find the right gift. My attention is attracted by an old metal watering can, and practice in all cases, decorative. We are collectors of old planters in zinc, watering cans and pans. To prove my love (pride), I decide to buy the largest model. I gladly pay the 50 €, convinced of the positive effect that I will do on returning home.
  2. I decide to leave the motorway at the next exit. The gods are with me when, suddenly, after barely a kilometer, I find an antique shop. Once inside, the happiness continues to smile on me: I discover a dozen watering cans! Price of these gems: 5 € piece, a really good deal!
  3. I then go to the supermarket to buy food for my favorite goldfishes. I quickly find their mark. Right next to the department of pet food, I see a little range of garden tools. At the checkout, I pay 15 € for a brand new metal watering can.
  4. I arrive just before closing in a garden store near my home. I desperately search the watering of my dreams. Luck smiles at me: 25 € is really a good price for a metal watering can very original. Proud and happy, then I drive to the house. Since then the 4 watering cans are arranged fraternally, side by side in our garden.

Moral of the story: What is a fair price for a watering can?

The price that a customer is willing to pay for an answer to his question. It is striking that the history of the can the most expensive is the longest. At most it’s expensive, the more you talk about it.

P.S: watering can at 50 € is leaking!

A critical and analytical view on a reality that is ours is the basis of our approach. During our trainings, we explain stories based on our own experiences.


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