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You are facing a new challenge, or must choose a new high-performing computer system... You consider that your company is losing its energy, that your financial results are not up to your expectations, that your messages sometimes go unheeded... Take time to evaluate the situation.

Don’t forget that efficient consultants help you save money. We are not visionaries. We are catalysts, facilitators working by your side. TwoMinutes can act upon all three levels of your organization (strategic, tactical and operational), and move among them more or less intensively.

Recent achievements : commercial approach to non-commercial staff, cross-selling & upselling, retention action plans, control and assertiveness, individual and group motivation.

Recent achievements:

Experience :

Automotive, Pharma (OTC), Finance & Assurance, Services, Industry and Agriculture. Both in Business-to-Business (B2B) and in Business-to-Customer (B2C).

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The story of the water cans

  Inspiration… Four different scenarios, one story: After a seminar of several days, I decided on returning home, to offer a gift to my wife. Tradition has it that a man who has been absent for several days spoils his wife in gratitude for her patience. I am wracking my head that I could offer [...]

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